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Great Smelling Candles, MADE BY GREAT PEOPLE 

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Who is her?

Just a bomb a*ss woman, making candles, raising two beautiful girls & helping them & women like yourself understand that there's no limit to what we, as women can do! 

30ish old single mom of two girls. What started out as an outlet for dealing with a horrible breakup slowly turned into a full-time hustle. With the ultimate goal of becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I am extremely happy to say that as of March 2022 I am a full-time entrepreneur. From local markets to renovating a 1980 Shasta Camper to turning my business mobile I’m always busy while trying to navigate life. Motherhood, entrepreneurship, & growing as a woman. 

Our Story

 EMPOWERING WOMAN - Pairs Perfectly with Self-Everything Hand-poured candles for the boss babe, fighting for her rights, going after what you want, changing patterns that are always f—king things up, and changing the world around you for the better WOMAN! Her Candle Company is a candle company designed for the everyday ambitious, eccentric woman. Whether you're embracing your Black Girl Magic or Mom Life or currently in a place in your life where you're on Do Not Disturb.

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Our mission

“Help empower women to realize their full potential. Nothing is wrong with change & growing and even breaking generational curses. Finding out your purpose in life and what you are meant to be can be exhausting at times. Her Candle Company is here to help you understand you are not alone. To the full-time worker, SAHM, or entrepreneur, to the girl in her 20’s who thinks life can’t get any worse, this is the company for you. As the owner, I try to share my adventure of chasing my ultimate dreams while navigating through life and remain as authentic as I possibly can. I believe in being the BEST version of myself even if on my bad days they aren't the best.