HerStory Spotlight - Jalisa Wilson

Tell us your story!

Where do I begin? I am originally from Orangeburg SC. Love my hometown but quickly realize that in order to maximize my full potential I had to move but that’s easier said then done. I was raised in a single parent home which is sadly more common these days but I never let that discourage me from accomplishing my goals. My father and I relationship isn’t the greatest. For most females, your dad is your first love but some cases that first love can be your first heart break. Even though, I told myself I didn’t need him in actuality, I did. I told myself that was one of many generational curses I wanted to break which is why I got a life coach to help me forgive and get to a place where that situation no longer affect me because believe it or not that situation played a major role in the person that I am today. Hurt people attract hurt people. I no longer wanted to be that hurt individual. I had to heal me first. I wanted to fix those issues so that when I created my own family I would not continue those bad toxic ways. It help tremendously which lead me to become a life coach because I saw what i did for me and so it became my passion to help people get pass whatever is holding them back. Even through I was raised in a single home, I still went to college, graduated from college, got a job in my field, (which I still work in to this day) move to a different state and now have recently open up my own life Coaching practice (JSW Coaching Experience). While still providing enough time for my relationship! So if someone said you can’t have it all they lied! It’s all about time management & knowing what and when to prioritize things! Life is not easy but always remember life is a marathon! It doesn’t matter how you started it’s how you finished! Learning how to maximize the opportunities that comes my way and using them to my advantage is one of the reasons how I reach success!

If you could give anyone advice on life what would it be?

Set whatever boundaries you need to set in order to maintain your peace and happiness. Life is too short to deal with stress! Also you can’t control what other people do but you cab control how you deal with them!

How do you practice maintaining good mental health?

Setting healthy boundaries!

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