As a Woman we have


natural soy wax candles

To Help You Find Your Voice in this crazy bat sh*t world

empowering women

To be the best version of themselves

Self Love Era

Hey there, in this wonderful era of self-love, 2024 is your year to discover all the things you love! It's time to dive into new hobbies, taste new foods, and maybe even reignite some old passions.

Think of this year as your chance to redefine yourself, to push your limits, and to step outside that comfort zone.

You've got this! It's your time to shine and really soak up all the world has to offer. Whether you're finding peace in quiet moments, experiencing the thrill of a bustling new city, or simply enjoying some quality time with your loved ones—do it your way. And hey, remember to celebrate every little victory in your self-discovery journey.

Making Bomb A*ss Empowering Candles for Women!

Hand-poured candles for the boss babe, fighting for her rights, going after what you want, changing patterns that are always f—king things up, and changing the world around you for the better WOMAN!

Just a Bomb A** Woman, Raising two girls & riding the wave of life

Hey Girl Hey!

My name is Asia. I'm the owner, CEO, hbic, and a million other titles. I founded Her Candle Company in the year 2018 after a horrible breakup. What started out as a hobby slowly transitioned into a hustle. I am building this business from the ground up all while being a single mom of two girls, navigating life & really trying to figure ish out. Over the years I've used my candles as my voice. I went from the quiet girl to the outspoken, I'm not tolerating any ish girl with a VOICE! I want all of my customers to use my candles as their voices. Whether your spreading a little Black Girl Magic or Manifesting That Sh*t this candle company is for you. I hope you enjoy the candles as much as I enjoy making & creating them for you.